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July 10, 2024 - Science Blog ,

The Delicious Draw of Hudson Canyon

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Research fish biologist Brigid McKenna and other North Atlantic Right Whale team members discovered 45 right whales likely feeding in and around Hudson Canyon during a recent multi-day aerial survey of the area.
June 23, 2024 - Survey ,
A North Atlantic right whale swimming at the surface of the ocean.

Live Long And Prosper! When it Comes To Shark Surveys, Longevity Matters

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Michelle Passerotti, new chief scientist of the Coastal Shark Bottom Longline Survey, shares insights from the Atlantic shark survey that has tagged and released more than 10,000 sharks over 35 years.
May 10, 2024 - Survey ,
A small gray shark sits atop a measuring board with a blue numbered tag attached to its dorsal fin. A scientist’s hand lightly touches the shark's head above the eyes. A scientist tags a neonate sandbar shark with a blue rototag during the Delaware Bay COASTSPAN survey. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

On the Ice with Our Scientists Post #1

On the Ice with Our Scientists

NOAA Fisheries scientists conduct several regular surveys and field projects on seals that make their homes on Arctic sea ice to gather information to be used to manage these seal populations.
May 09, 2024 - Survey ,
A seal with dark black hair and a distinct white ribbon pattern resting on an ice floe in the sunshine with its head up and looking forward to the left. An adult male ribbon seal (Histriophoca fasciata) rests in the sunshine on an ice floe in the Bering Sea. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Josh M London Photo taken while working under authority of NMFS Research Permit #23858

Gearing up for the Big Show: NOAA Ship Gear Trials

While many hear of the exciting research and results that come after the completion of at-sea scientific missions, much is done ahead of time to ensure their success. Gear trials and training are all necessary leading up to the big show.
April 17, 2024 - Survey ,
Two researchers stand on each side of two bongo nets and inspect them while aboard a ship. Two researchers test bongo nets during a gear trial. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Winter Sets The Ocean’s Clocks

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Research fishery biologist Katey Marancik shares how the data she and others collected during the winter 2024 Ecosystem Monitoring Survey are an important starting point for understanding the ocean’s clock for the year.
April 10, 2024 - Research ,
A large piece of ocean water sampling gear sits on the side deck of a research vessel while at sea. The ocean is choppy and the sunrise is peeking through the clouds. A choppy morning during the winter 2024 Ecosystem Monitoring Survey. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Katey Marancik

Life Aboard the Oregon II

An Inside Look at the 2023 Fall Groundfish Survey

Explore the unique challenges and camaraderie of life at sea on research expeditions.
April 09, 2024 - Survey ,
A series of polaroid pictures. Pictured left to right: a whiteboard with station numbers written on it, two volunteers counting fish species, the sunrise on the back of the research vessel, a volunteer taking the length measurement of a fish, a volunteer using a boat hook to pull up a line, and two volunteers in personal protective equipment

Burgers for Breakfast in the Northwest Atlantic

Field Fresh Blog: Science in Motion

Kathryn Ford shares her routine on the day watch of the spring bottom trawl survey, as well as her favorite fish species to catch.
March 29, 2024 - Survey ,
The back deck of the NOAA ship Henry Bigelow with a large green net and winch and the ocean in the background.